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07:25pm 16/10/2010
Sorry I havent posted or commented in a few days but my computer decided to die :( so I had to get one of my friends to come over and fix it so I lost everything on the damn thing!! But hey its working now!

Clint left for the beach today with his family so its just me and the dog here at the house. So... I'm already bored without him here and there is nothing to do in this god forsaken town. I rented some movies but Im just not in the mood. And none of my friends can get babysitters so if I go out and do anything I will still be by myself!
mood: boredbored
music: made of scars - stone sour
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11:52pm 16/10/2010 (UTC)
Traci.: TechnoLiv
Go sightseeing in your town.
Just wander and see what happens. You'd be surprised at what turns up.
Or you could try and do something you would normally NEVER do without a friend. It could be a fun way to meet new people.

I hope you get un-bored soon!!!
picword: TechnoLiv
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11:56pm 16/10/2010 (UTC)
lol thank you and I might try some of those things!!
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11:59pm 16/10/2010 (UTC)
Irk, I hate it when my compy decides to crap out on me. I lost a lot of shit once. DX

Welcome back. :3
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09:47pm 17/10/2010 (UTC)
thanx, and yeah it sucks!!
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08:57pm 17/10/2010 (UTC)
he always does and it kinda hurts my feelings but I'm used to it.
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11:30am 08/02/2011 (UTC)
neonloveaffair: lost control
saw you on that add comm. I too have mood disorders,depression and panic..im a writer etc..care to add?
picword: lost control
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