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03:18pm 12/10/2010
So I have been getting used to taking topamax or as I like to call it now dopamax. I can be right in the middle of a conversation and just lose what I am saying. I'm misspelling things more and more often and have turned into a true stupid idiot. I talked to my doc about it and he said that it was normal and not to worry about it. So I don't need to worry that my IQ has dropped to a whopping 5? I have also started getting up in the middle of the night, sleep walking and sleep talking.... Yeah all normal with dopamax. I even talked to him about lowering my dosage and he said if anything he wants to up it from 200mg a day to 400mg a day. So instead of me being an idiot, he want to turn me into a ZOMBIE!!! Yeah I don't think so!!
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09:25pm 12/10/2010 (UTC)
Chronic Multiplicity, Chronicled.
its hard finding a good medicine or medicine combinations.

i give my heart to clozapine cuz it made my life worth living again. its not prescribed very much cuz you hafta get bloodwork done all the time, but TOTALLY worth it for me.

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12:22am 13/10/2010 (UTC)
Torchic Maniac: Beautifly
Some misspelling are normal. Don't worry about it. I had some type of dumb moments too. For example, for time to time, I keep forgetting had to spell simple word like "and" and "had" and that lasts for several hours until I remember them. I guess my brain overheats if it is cluttered.
picword: Beautifly
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12:56am 13/10/2010 (UTC)
Yeah and my doc says its ok, but it just makes me feel so stupid sometimes.
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