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07:25pm 16/10/2010
Sorry I havent posted or commented in a few days but my computer decided to die :( so I had to get one of my friends to come over and fix it so I lost everything on the damn thing!! But hey its working now!

Clint left for the beach today with his family so its just me and the dog here at the house. So... I'm already bored without him here and there is nothing to do in this god forsaken town. I rented some movies but Im just not in the mood. And none of my friends can get babysitters so if I go out and do anything I will still be by myself!
mood: boredbored
music: made of scars - stone sour
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(no subject)  
08:16pm 12/10/2010
Im addicted to cracked.com check it out!!!!
mood: amusedamused
music: Drowning Pool - Turn So Cold
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03:18pm 12/10/2010
So I have been getting used to taking topamax or as I like to call it now dopamax. I can be right in the middle of a conversation and just lose what I am saying. I'm misspelling things more and more often and have turned into a true stupid idiot. I talked to my doc about it and he said that it was normal and not to worry about it. So I don't need to worry that my IQ has dropped to a whopping 5? I have also started getting up in the middle of the night, sleep walking and sleep talking.... Yeah all normal with dopamax. I even talked to him about lowering my dosage and he said if anything he wants to up it from 200mg a day to 400mg a day. So instead of me being an idiot, he want to turn me into a ZOMBIE!!! Yeah I don't think so!!
mood: crazycrazy
tags: topamax
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hehe I shouldnt be awake!!  
12:03pm 05/10/2010
Hehehe some of me fave funny pics!!
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mood: sleepysleepy
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01:37am 02/10/2010
So I went through some of the worst pain today. I got a piece of wood jammed up under my fingernail. So i went and got some tweezers and started to pull it out. Well I only got a small part of it out and the rest would not come out at all. So I went to the walk in clinic and they looked at my finger and took me to the "procedure room" and said the doctor would be right in. So the doc comes in and puts this "numbing" shot in my finger (it didnt numb a damn thing) and started to cut and pull my fingernail off. I kicked, screamed, cussed, and yes even cried it hurt so bad and finally they got all the wood out of my finger. So on my way home my finger finally went numb.... did me a lot of good then... The one good thing that did happen at the at the clinic was I found out that I lost ten pounds so I was so happy.. until I saw a needle!
mood: blahblah
tags: fingers, numb, pain
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04:22pm 30/09/2010
There is a terrible burger king commercial that makes pit bulls and rottweilers to be bad dogs, and people that live in trailer to be white trash. So please call this number and have this commercial taken off!!! 305-378-3535
mood: aggravatedaggravated
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pics of pups  
12:15am 30/09/2010
So its been quite the day!! I tried talking to my friend and of course she acted dumb about the whole thing. So yeah that put me in a bad mood. But I got over it and went and paid the water bill. I then went and got a couple of things from the store and did a little more shopping and ran back home and quick as I could before the sun could turn me into a pile of ash....

well here are some pics of my pups

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mood: awakeawake
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01:15pm 29/09/2010
My best friend stayed the night last night and she fell in love with Dixie so I let her have her because I have Spoonie and Zoe and she has no dogs and she is sssooo lonely. But when I got up this morning and they had left I was missing quite a bit of my topamax. I don't know if I should confront her or not she is my best friend.
mood: sadsad
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sssoooo sick....  
12:38pm 23/09/2010
So I ended up SSSOOO sick the past few days. All I have done is lay in bed watching House. I've even been to sick to play left 4 dead... and thats sayin a lot for me. well I'll post more latter......
mood: tiredtired
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(no subject)  
08:15pm 20/09/2010
Me with pink hair!!

I have been sssooo lazy today. I got up for a little while today but ended up going back to bed and sleeping until 5!! And now I have to stop being lazy and clean :( Oh and if anyone is as bored as I am and has yahoo messenger feel free to message me manicpanic24.
mood: lazylazy
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